Thursday, May 8, 2014

Sibling Rivalry

Oh, the trials and joys of having a sibling.  I’m happy to say my sibling brings me joy.  Hope yours does too.  This week I’m sharing some books that take a look at brothers and sisters.

Beezus and Ramona by Beverly Cleary

If you don’t know this series, this book is a great way to start.  Beezus puts up with her rascally little sister as she embarrasses her in the library and ruins an art class but when she wrecks Beezus’ birthday party, it’s another matter.  How do two such different sisters get along?  Find out in this hilarious book.  I would read this book to kids 5-8 years old.

I’m a Big Sister by Joanna Cole

This is a sweet little book that explains a baby’s behavior and the role of the older sister.  It’s explained clearly and there’s also a companion book, I’m A Big Brother.  I would read this book to kids 2-4 years old.

D.W. All Wet by Marc Brown

Arthur and his sister, D.W. have always demonstrated too me the ups and downs of sibling relationships.  In this story, D.W. doesn’t want to go in the water at the beach.  See how Arthur tricks her and how D.W. ends up loving it.  This one’s in simple text and has Brown’s great drawings.
I would read this book to kids 2-5 years old, after that they can read it on their own.

Big Little Brother by Kevin Kling

What do you do when your little brother grows bigger than you? This is the problem for the boy in this story and the answer is there too.  It’s done in the cutest way.  I think kids could really relate to the story.  See how Little Bother, helps Big brother out of a jam.  I would read this book to kids 3-6 years old.

There are lots of dynamics between siblings, I hope your dynamic is wonderful!  Until next week, keep on reading!