Monday, May 19, 2014

Project ELE by Rebecca Gober and Courtney Nuckels


Life on Earth is hard.  There is a hole in the ozone layer that is making it hard to survive in the devastating heat and there is a plague that is killing millions of people. Willow and her family’s only hope is to be allowed into the shelter that FEMA has provided.
The family finally gets their number called and are tested for the virus when they enter.  It turns out that the youngest of them, 4 year old Sebastian has the disease and will not be allowed entry. After a tough decision, Willow and her father go in and her mother and brother go back outside the shelter.
Life in the shelter is pretty monotonous until Willow makes some friends and finds a boyfriend.  They scheme to get their day off coordinated and they make a fantastical discovery.  The shelter is not all it seems. There are hidden pathways and tunnels that the foursome decides to explore.  They find two pools, one is cold and the other is warmed by a small opening where the sun pours in.
After the visit, the friends find themselves developing strange powers as their eyes change color.  They have no idea what could have happened to them.
Unfortunately, they are not the only ones who know about these powers.  A terrible boy, Alex and his father, Dr. Hastings have discovered the truth and they want to experiment on Willow.
What happens next is catastrophic and throws Willow’s world into a whirlwind of using her powers to save her friends.

I really liked this book.  I thought Willow was an engaging heroine with spunk and spirit.  Her boyfriend, Alec was considerate and madly in love with her.
I really liked the friendships she formed with Connor and Claire.  She reached out to both of them.  She had met Connor in line to get into the facility and she brought shy Claire out of her shell.
The story was exciting and I’m looking forward to the next installment of the series but I did think that the editing was poorly done. I found many, many errors in spelling, grammar and word usage.  I think the authors are better than that. Too many incorrect homonyms led to a frustrating read for me. 
I still think that this series is well worth your time.  As I said, I enjoyed it and thought it was quite exciting.  If it hadn’t been for all those errors I would give it more stars.