Monday, May 25, 2015

Kate and the Kid by Anne Rothman Hicks and Kenneth Hicks


Kate sees a little girl in the window of her apartment building and it is the first step to a relationship that she never saw coming.  Kate has lost her job, thinks she may lose her boyfriend and worries about going on unemployment.
Her neighbor asks her to watch the little girl, Jenny who the neighbor refers to as Creephead and she reluctantly agrees.
Jenny has difficulty communicating so she does so with her doll Miranda and Kate seems to be able to break through to the child by talking directly to Miranda as if it is no big deal.
Nobody is exactly sure what Jenny has been through.  They only know that her mom left her and is nowhere to be found.  Kate slowly builds a relationship and helps Jenny scale the wall that she has surrounded herself with only to be thrown into a situation that is dangerous and frightening.

I really liked this book.  Kate was in a no win situation and still she opens her heart to Jenny.  She was torn and didn’t always do the exact right thing but in the end, she did.
Jenny was well written as a child who has been through too much and doesn’t trust relationships.  Her use of the doll to communicate was a coping mechanism that children do use.
Speaking of the doll, I think Miranda was my favorite character.  She told it like it was and really helped Jenny through a tough time.
The boyfriend, I was not crazy about.  He was in love with Kate or was he?  Was he a commitmentphobe or on the brink of making a commitment?  Could he open his heart to the new situation or would he just walk away from Kate?  It was hard to figure him out so I had a hard time liking him but in the end he redeemed himself.

This book had an entertaining story and I would recommend that you read it. You can buy it here: Amazon

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