Monday, May 18, 2015

Mira's Hope: The Sword of Lumina Book 2 by Erin Elliot


When I met these characters in book 1, I liked them all and nothing in this book made me like them any less.   The heroes are on the path to find the Sword of Lumina and when we first meet them, they are on their last legs.  Tark and Elenio have little or no stamina left and Galena is dying as they go along.  The men have to take turns carrying her and keep on the look out for Rau’s minions.  Only the goddess, Mira can help them.
The three friends travel on after Galena is revived and they go to a village where they find a group of Rau’s minions have attacked.  They are determined to help and they become the heroes of the villagers.
Tark stays behind to train elves to become warriors and Galena and Elenio continue on to the West Woods to find the cave and the Sword of Lumina.  Galena knows she will face the challenge of her life but finding the sword is the only way to return their country to its former self.

This book really shows the growth of the author’s talent to weave a story that is complex and interesting.  Galena’s powers grow as the story continues and she does some delightful things and some awesomely strong things.  Elenio continues to be her strength and support.  Tark reluctantly lets the two go off on their own because he feels a strong urge to contribute to the fight against Rau in a more active role.  His role as a trainer gives him renewed purpose.
Rau and his creatures are as disgusting as ever and Rau is coming to the end of his rope and takes a horrible stance that could mean the end of the elves.

This book was exciting and absorbing.  I really liked it even more than the first installment and can’t wait to read the next book!

You can find Mira's Hope here:Fire and Ice Young Adult Books

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