Monday, May 4, 2015

Covert Exposure by Valerie Clarizio

Covert Exposure by Valerie Clarizio

Detective Nick Spinelli gets the bad news that because his partner retired he is assigned to Children’s services for the holiday season.  Spinelli is assigned to work with Shannon O’Hara who takes an instant dislike to him and he thinks she is an angel but that she has too soft a heart.
Little did they know that the murders that were taking place would pull both of them into a plot to find the killers.  Spinelli goes undercover as a Mall Santa where Shannon is already a volunteer elf.
As they get to know each other their feelings grow but the murderers have other plans for the pair.

I loved this little book.  It is the first in a series and I know I’ll keep on reading.  Spinelli is a good detective who has fought his way up from a horrible upbringing. Shannon is a sweetheart of a girl who has a heart of gold.  She really touches the hard boiled Spinelli in a special way.
The murders led to a plot that I didn’t expect and I love it when a mystery like that unfolds.

High marks for Clarizio and her cast of characters!

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