Monday, June 1, 2015

Shattered Rose by Tammy L. Gray


Avery is in college and is trying to put her life back on track and tackle her eating disorder.  She is sure she has everything under control as she heads to a new apartment with new roommates.
Then she meets Jake, her roommate’s cousin and is instantly and tragically madly in love with him.  He woos her and Shattered Rose by Tammy L. Gray
takes her to bed and then drops her for being to needy. Avery is devastated and old habits take control again and she binges and purges.
When she tries to reconcile with Jake, he puts her in her place and while she sits alone, a young man comes up to offer her comfort.
Parker turns out to be the opposite of Jake.  He is sincere and true in his feelings.  He is a devout Christian and helps Avery find her self worth and confidence once again.  Although Avery returns Parker’s feelings, she just can’t shake thoughts of Jake and can’t stop seeing him behind Parker’s back.
I don’t usually read Christian fiction but I found I enjoyed this story because it wasn’t preachy or overtly pious.  The characters seemed real and were relatable.  Avery had a huge issue that she didn’t overcome just with a snap of her fingers.
Her  roommate, Issy, had a lot of problems of a different sort and I was happy to see there are more books in this series and each one focuses on one of the characters in this story.
Jake was a lousy rat as many boys are when they are young and handsome.  He was used to getting his own way and felt entitled.  There is a book about him too so I hope he has an epiphany.

Parker was just a nice and loving boy but he wasn’t going to be used or taken for granted by Avery.  I liked that about him.  He brought Christianity to Avery’s life and she was the better for it.
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