Thursday, May 14, 2015

KidzKorner: Summer Break

I'm going on Summer Break and after today I won't be doing KidzKorner until after Labor Day.  Before I go though, I wanted to talk about Summer reading.  When I was a kid the library at school was open all summer for a summer reading program.  It was so cool to go to the school when it was closed and look through the library door to the empty halls.  It felt like a privilege, like getting to go backstage.
Anyway, I met some of my best friends in that library.  I found Mrs. Piggle Wiggle and found my love of historical fiction.  I met Betsy, Tacy and Tib.  I remember finding a book whose name I can't remember about an orphan girl who moves in with her aunt and the description of the fried chicken they had for dinner.  I couldn't wait to go to the library each week.
So, go to the library, folks.  Take your kids.  Get lost in the picture books.  Some of the most beautiful artwork in the world is in the pages of picture books.   Don't believe me?  Find the book Hiawatha and check out the illustrations.

Find a book series to read at bedtime.  Harry Potter isn't the only one who has a great series.  Or choose an author and read those.  I have always loved the stories of Edgar Eager as they always have at least half magic.  

You can't go wrong with Beverly Cleary either.  From Henry Huggins to Ramona to The Mouse and the Motorcycle.  Cleary gets kids and kids love to read her stories. 

Let your youngest find the books that appeal to their eye and your older kids find an author they love.  Not only will summer fly by with outdoor fun but the evenings will go by in a flash with the help of good books.  Have a wonderful summer and until I see you again, Keep on reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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