Monday, May 11, 2015

Crazed Reckoning by Valerie Clarizio


Nick Spinelli is back  and another problem is plaguing him and his lady love.  An old pact made by two families will affect  Shannon’s geo caching vacation and throw Nick and her into another situation fraught with danger.
Nick has wanted to propose to Shannon but keeps putting it off because these terrible situations keep haunting them.  Shannon has such a deep and abiding love for Nick that you want them to be a happy couple.
There are a lot of twists and turns in the story and Shannon’s friend gets embroiled in the drama right along with her.  The women are kidnapped and Nick goes on the hunt to save them but can he find them in time to save their lives?

I really like these characters and though the situations they get in are some what fantastical, they are always entertaining.  I like the holiday themes the author has chosen and I enjoy reading them.  This story has a lot of sex in it so it is not for the younger set.  So beware if you have a youngster under seventeen years old!  That being said, I would highly recommend this book.

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