Monday, April 28, 2014

Unenchanted by Chanda Hahn

 Rated 5 STARS



Fifteen year old Wilhelmina Grime is a catastrophe.  She is so clumsy and has so many accidents she thinks she is the ultimate misfit.  When she saves the life of a classmate during a field trip Mina’s life changes forever.
The classmate is the star of the school, rich and handsome and popular.  He starts to show interest in Mina but she is skeptical of his motives.
Also odd things keep happening to her.  There are animals following her to school and she delivers a packet for her mom to the wrong house.
Is this all coincidence or is something strange going on?
When Mina’s mom finally tells her she is a descendent of the Grimms of fairy tale fame, Mina decides to end the curse right then and there and goes on a mission.
She gets help from her best friend, Nan, a mysterious boy named Jared and of course, the handsome and protective Brody, the boy she saved.

 I loved this story.  It was clever and engaging.  Mina was a great heroine who finds her strength and learns about heartbreak.  I loved when all her clothes turned red and she kept trying to get rid of them.
Her best friend, Nan was a lively and endearing girl.  She saw the good heartedness in Mina and was a true and loyal friend.  She was obsessed with the internet and counting her followers on Twitter.
Brody was a heroic prince of a boy.  He was protective, charming and loving.  He would be the dream date of any girl.  He continually shows Mina that his attentions are true and that she can trust him.
Jared was a mystery wrapped in an enigma. He had otherworldly qualities that sometimes fascinated Mina and sometimes scared her.  He had a sense of humor and a sense of danger which is very attractive in a character.

How can a novel not be fun when it is based on fairy tales and explains a long history of two worlds colliding?  I would think any preteen or teenager would enjoy this book.  Especially girls who would fall in love with one of those heroes.  Team Brody or Team Jared?  You read it and decide for yourself.