Monday, April 14, 2014

Moonflower by E. D. C. Johnson RATED 3 STARS


Josie Woods is mad at the world.  Ever since her dad died, her mother has moved her from place to place and treats Josie like a child.  She hates school, getting out of bed and the cold weather.
One frigid morning, on the way to school, Josie and her mother are involved in a car accident and Josie wakes up in a completely new world.
She is saved from being attacked by a wolf by another wolf who turns out to be a young man with a “gift.”  Lucious is part of a family who is royal and gifted with the ability to become a wolf.
The two teens grow close quickly and Lucious treats Josie as a beloved house guest, showering her with new clothes and new experiences.
When Lucious’ older brother, Donovan turns up, Josie can’t help but be captivated by his good looks.  He is quite cold toward her but in time shows his more charming side.
Josie is torn by her feelings for both boys and is totally confused.
With the death of their father, the two young men, come to a battle over an unexpected turn of events.
Afterwards, Josie is suddenly transported home to find herself in the hospital.  She is back to her old life and thinks that her experiences were all a dream…but were they?


I liked the premise of this book.  I am totally into time travel and other kinds of worlds.
Josie was a likeable girl and of course, both Donovan and Lucious were handsome and charming and totally attracted to Josie.
The supporting cast of characters were important to moving the story along.  I particularly liked Konrad, the old tutor.
The story of the Moonflower was delightful also.
I did find the story to be a bit too predictable and there were a lot of spelling, grammar and homynym errors.  That isn’t the fault of the author so much as the editor.
If you are looking for light reading, this story is an enjoyable one.

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