Monday, April 21, 2014

The Princess in the Opal Mask by Jenny Lundquist Rated 4 STARS




Princess Wilhamina has lived behind a mask her whole life.  Literally.  She can never show her face to anyone in the kingdom.  She is plagued by what could possibly be so horrible about her face that it has to be covered at all times.  She is confused and hurt by a cold father and manipulated by his Guardians.
Elara is an orphan girl who is living with a family who only wants her for the money the orphanage provides and she is mistreated and insulted her whole life.  She does have friends at the local tavern and they are her lifeline, especially her best friend, Cordon.
Everything changes for both girls when Elara and her “family” are invited to attend the princess’ masquerade in honor of her birthday.  Elara takes off to find the man who may know her family origins and suddenly finds herself in jail. 
Wilha is presented to her father and he informs her that she will do her duty and marry the prince of the kingdom which threatens the safety of Galandria.
When they find out they are not only sisters but twins, they become involved in national intrigue and are pawns in a bigger plan.  Only when the two sisters find their individual strengths and true loves can the story come to its conclusion.

 I liked both these girls.  One was meek and one was bold but they were both strong inside even if one of them didn’t realize it.  Prince Stephan was quick-witted and fun as well as brave.  James is sweet and caring and protective.
The men who are in charge of all the intrigue are sketchily written. They weren’t given much to do except be bad guys and confuse the two girls of their loyalty.  Their secret leader turned out to be the creepiest of them all.
I did enjoy this book and I would recommend it to any girl 12 or older. I’m looking forward to the sequel that comes out later this year.


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