Monday, April 7, 2014

Deluge by Daniel Diehl RATED 5 STARS

We all know the story of Noah and his ark, right?  Well, maybe not.
After reading Deluge, I felt I came to know Noah and his family on intimate terms.
Noah is a skeptic and doesn’t buy in to the idea of many gods or any gods for that matter.
The familiar turn of events changes Noah and the way he is perceived by his family and in his village.
His sons are strong and brave men, as different from one another as they can be.  Shem is the oldest and the wisest.  He uses his considerable bulk to solve many problems including his brother, Ham who is the town’s ne’er do well  in spite of his considerable skill as a blacksmith.  Japeth is the youngest and the closest to his father.  He is kind and madly in love with Merimda, the girl down the street.
Nin is Noah’s stalwart wife who supports her husband’s plans even though she has doubts of her own. The wives of Shem and Ham also pitch in to help with this enormous task.  Even little Beni, Noah’s granddaughter comes up with some good ideas about the ark. 
The most interesting part to me was when the band of angels, led by Michael and Gabriel, came to help out the family in their quiet and unemotional way.  They taught the family some new technology and worked ceaselessly day and night.

With a big event happening right in the town’s backyard, needless to say emotions run high and are ever changing.
I loved this book.  I am a fan of historical novelization and this book did not let me down.  The author even made the construction of the actual ark interesting and engaging instead of dull and boring. I was fascinated by all the measurements and all the tools the group needed to build the ark.
Noah is in the theaters right now but I would encourage you to pick up Deluge as well.  It is an excellent book with an enthralling story.  Am I being silly to hope for a sequel?  I always wondered what happened next.