Thursday, April 10, 2014

Some Bunny Loves You



It’s the time of year to be thinking about bunnies and not just the Easter kind.  I am bringing you some of my favorite bunnies this week.  Enjoy!


Betty Bunny Loves Chocolate Cake by Michael B. Kaplan

 Betty Bunny is a handful, even her mom says so.  She doesn’t like new things so she doesn’t want to try chocolate cake but when she does WOWZA! She loves it.  She only wants chocolate cake to eat and when mom insists she eat a healthy meal first, Betty throws a fit among other things and ends up punished.  Mom relents and leaves a piece of cake for her in the fridge.
The next morning, Betty can’t resist that cake and she hasn’t learned about patience.  See what happens to her in this delightful book.  I would read this book to kids 3-7 years old.

 Knuffle Bunny Too by Mo Willems

 Trixie finds out that her bunny isn’t one of a kind when Sonja has the same one at school.  They quarrel until the teacher has to take both bunnies away and doesn’t return them until after school. But at 2:30 in the morning, Trixie suddenly realizes something and it’s Dad to the rescue.
I loved the illustrations in this book that combine actual photographs along with the drawings of Mo Willems’ characters. It is charming!  I would read this book to kids 3-6 years old.


Bunny Cakes by Rosemary Wells

 Max and his sister Ruby want to make cakes for Grandma’s birthday. Max abandons his mud cake with worms to help Ruby and is a disaster in the kitchen.  His mud cake isn’t complete either. He needs a certain thing to make it just right. 
Ruby sends him to the store quite a few times to replace the ingredients he ruined and Max tries to write on the list but the grocer can’t read it so he doesn’t get the candy he wants so badly.
Find out how Max solves his problem when you share this book with your little ones. I would read this book to kids 3-6 years old.

 Little Bunny Foo Foo by Paul B. Johnson

This favorite song is told by the Good Fairy. Of course, Little Bunny Foo Foo doesn’t listen to her warnings and gets turned into a goon.  I loved the Good Fairy’s asides.  They were priceless.  I would read this book to kids 3-8 years old.
The song is available at iTunes by Sharon, Lois and Bram.

Now, hop along and choose a book and until next week, keep on reading!