Monday, February 23, 2015

Broken Dreams by Nancy Pennick


Two girls from very different backgrounds meet at boarding school and make a pact to be blood sisters forever.  They love one another deeply and have a strong friendship until a boy gets in the way.  Luckily, they overcome  the problem and go on with their lives and friendship.  As time passes , it looks like Anna will live the life of a proper girl in the 1920’s.  She will get engaged and married and be a wife and mother.  Lucinda, on the other hand, craves adventure out West and wants to be a Harvey girl and wants Anna to come with her.
Circumstances change and the two girls do go out West together and are ready for adventure until a certain cowboy changes their destiny and ruins the friendship.

I love Anna and Lucinda.  I have read about them all through the  Waiting for Dusk series.  In this story, author Pennick paints a vibrant picture of both girls and shows a deep understanding of a friendship between two girls.
 Lucinda is a star!  She is funny and brave and suffers so much when her dear father passes away. We really get to see and understand the motivation behind Lucinda’s actions.
Anna is still the wonderful girl next door type who is loyal and loving.  She doesn’t want to hurt her dear friend but her feelings for  Daniel  are just too strong to ignore and he feels the same way.
I also loved getting to know Daniel and his perspective.  In the previous books, he was an ancillary character but here he is front and center.  I enjoyed reading about him and getting to know him better.
Now don’t think you can’t enjoy this book if you haven’t read the series.  That is totally not true.  The story stands on its own but once you read it, you will want to continue the series!

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