Monday, September 22, 2014

Imitation by Heather Hildenbrand

 Rated 5 STARS

Ven is an Imitaiton.  She is called in to replace and become her authentic, Raven Rogen, a spoiled, ultra rich, snotty brat who has gone missing.  Her father, Titus, is the mastermind of all the Imitations and is known as the Creator.  Ven has never forgotten him and she is properly appalled when she is sent to live with him.
He is cruel and demanding and has sent for Ven to be a decoy for the kidnappers.  Her assignment will be short and end with her death. There is no escape as she discovers there is a  GPS tracker inside her.
Ven is guarded at all times.  She tries to become like Raven but her natural kindness peeps out once in a while and she tries to cover as best she can.  She has no love for Raven and is disgusted by the way she lives and how she treats people.
One guard is of particular interest to Ven.  Linc seems to have a love/hate relationship with Raven and as Ven falls for him she longs for him to see her as she is.
Raven is supposed to become engaged to Daniel, her father’s protégé but when Ven meets him she gets a creepy vibe from him and really wants nothing to do with him.
She meets Raven’s friends and really wants nothing to do with those snooty girls either.
More and more, as attacks happen Ven dreams of escaping this awful situation but Titus has a strong hold on her and he is shrewd and demanding.
Will Ven ever find her way out?

I enjoyed the story of Ven.  She is a clone but she has a mind of her own and can think for herself.  She can fall in love and have friendly feelings toward others.  She is a little naïve but she catches on quickly and I loved that she planned her escape as soon as she realized she just couldn’t carry on this deception especially when it will involve her own death.
I liked Linc too.  He was mysterious and had that bad boy attitude going on.  I couldn’t really tell if he really hated Raven, if they had an affair in the past or if he was just disgusted by her entitled attitude.
Titus was creepy and nasty.  I couldn’t tell if he had any strong feelings for his daughter.  He only wanted to seem to control her and use her for social standing.  Raven seemed to always want to be the center of attention and Titus encouraged Ven to act the same way.
Daniel was a disgusting creep…or was he?  He is a mystery that hasn’t been revealed as yet.  I don’t know what to think of him.
Ven has to make a serious decision of what to do when she discovers other Imitations and I found it exciting and disturbing.  See what you think when you read this book.