Monday, September 29, 2014

Broken Promise by Tara Fox Hall


Sarelle McGarren is back in this sequel to Promise Me.  She has been oathed to Danial but since the oath she feels he has betrayed her and her trust.  She wants some time to think things through to decide if their relationship is really what she wants.  So she asks Danial to give her some time to think.
She moves back to her farmhouse and her animals and the Sarelle that we know and love is back!  She is her old feisty self and independence is her strong suit.  She knows how to take care of herself and the land that she lives on.
Her strained friendship with Theo is still going strong and the half-demon, Terian is still trying in vain to get Sarelle to choose him for her lover.  He concocts a potion that will reveal her true feelings for him and is sorely disappointed to find she only feels friendship towards him.
He fails to mention a side effect and that has very interesting consequences for Sar and Theo whose true feelings for one another are revealed.  After confessing their attraction to one another, Sar and Theo head to tell Danial who they find in bed with another woman who is wearing a fox necklace that Danial obviously gifted her.
Sar feels completely betrayed and is willing to now give it a go with the werecougar. Theo.  Their lovemaking is passionate and their friendship grows stronger and stronger as they live together in Sar’s house.
Life is too good and Sarelle is just waiting for the other shoe to drop and so it does in the form of Theo’s former lover, Tawny.  And oh there’s another surprise, Danial’s brother, Devlin, the ruler of all vampires, returns to take Sarelle away for himself.
I won’t tell you any more than that.  You will have to read this exciting book for yourself to find out what happens to the group of  frenimies.
I love this series.  I started reading Broken Promise and got swept right back into the whole dynamic of this group of supernatural beings and the human who brings them all together.
Sarelle still has guts.  Danial is still irresistibly handsome.  Theo is still a rock.  Devlin is still scary as can be.  I missed them and now I want to read more.

Rated R for sex and violence.  

You can find Broken Promise here: Amazon