Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Man Test by Amanda Aksel

 Rated 4 STARS

Marin is a lucky woman.  She has great friends, a good job as a couples counselor and she is engaged to be married in only four months.  After a bachelorette party in Vegas, Marin decides to surprise her fiancée and come home early.
She finds him in bed with another woman, won’t listen to any explanation and goes to pieces.  In her despair, she comes across a book that proposes that all men are liars and cheaters and Marin decides to go out and prove it.
Her friend, Holly isn’t thrilled with the idea but she is off on the trip of a lifetime and  Marin’s friend, Telly is totally against exclusive relationships so she’s all for it.
Marin has to find a great guy who seemingly wouldn’t cheat so she can prove that he does and thus, prove her theory.
Enter James, the best man at the wedding of her friend Rachel who she has known since Rachel was a baby and the girl she went to the bachelorette party for.  James comes to Marin’s rescue after an embarrassing fall and they start a relationship.
The problem is James is falling for Marin and she is using him to prove a point.
How this all works out makes the story of The Man Test. 
The Man Test was a typical romance….just the kind I like if done well and hate if they are too sappy or predictable. Aksel hit the mark with this story though.  Her heroine is hell bent on proving her point but basically she’s a nice woman who’s had a rough time of things.
I felt all kinds of sorry for poor James who was completely unaware that he was being used.  He was so kind to Marin sometimes I just wanted to shout out, She’s not serious.  This is all a game.  Of course, even if I did it would have done no good.
Marin’s friends, Telly and Holly were complete opposites but were a good team just the same.  They were supportive of Marin in her time of need but when she needed to face reality they weren’t afraid to tell her.

All in all, I enjoyed this little romance and I think you would too.