Monday, August 4, 2014

A Silent Prayer by Samreen Ahsan


Rated 4 STARS

Rania and Adam are as mismatched as can be.  She is a devout Muslim who is shy and withdrawn.  He is a womanizing Romeo who has feelings for no one until he has a strange encounter that he can’t explain and the woman involved totally intoxicates him.
Shortly, he meets Rania for the first time and when their eyes meet, he is reminded of the other woman and he is hopelessly ensnared by Rania’s beauty.  She does not have the same reaction however and does her best to avoid him at all costs but Adam is relentless.
After spending time with one another, Adam realizes that Rania has a dark past and Rania realizes that Adam respects her and her wishes to remain celibate.
The two form a bond that becomes a strong friendship which seems to be leading toward romance.  Can Adam overcome Rania’s fears and become her lover?  Can Rania ever truly shed her past and accept herself so she can love Adam?

This book was not what I was expecting.  I enjoyed the growing relationship between Adam and Rania but some things bothered me too.  He seemed to be two people.  On one hand he was kind and accommodating but then he would practically force Rania to do his bidding.  In some ways he seemed like a child and in other ways he seemed like a dominating parent who always had to have his way.
I can’t imagine what is going on inside of Rania’s mind.  She seems to not only have a horrible past but another force seems to be at work and she can’t control it.  I thought she was strong in her convictions but still let herself feel friendship for Adam.  She chastised herself a little too much and didn’t think she deserved any kind of life or happiness. I wished she wouldn't be quite so hard on herself.
At the end of the book, nothing was revealed which was kind of a letdown.  I would have liked something to be resolved even though there is a sequel to this book.
I know nothing about the Muslim religion so I got some insight there which I found very interesting.  The whole concept of God and forgiveness is important to both characters.

This is definitely a romance with a twist so give it a try.