Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Guest Blog Victoria Bastedo

Today my guest blogger is Victoria Bastedo, author of Roots Entwine.  She tells us a little about herself and how she came to write her book. Thanks, vicky for sharing with us today.

Fantasy Time. Think rich, green forests. A boy with a mysterious ability rides into a forbidden land to prevent a war, catch a heinous criminal, and save his team. But will he lose his own life in the process?
Hi everyone! I’m very grateful to have been invited to share a little post with you. My name is Victoria Bastedo. I have been given a rich life by God, filled with a lot of people and possibilities. I have six children who are all attractive, intelligent and able-bodied. (They are too!) I have two adorable grandbabies. Thirteen years ago a dream woke up in me- to be a published writer. I didn’t think much of my chances, in today’s writing environment. But I was having so much fun trying that it didn’t matter. Along the way I’ve made some great friends in the writing community. I’ve learned how to do the best that I can do, although now that I’m in my fifties I think I’d better strike while I can, before the window of brain clarity closes!
Of course I’ve had some trials too. My children have gone through an array of troubles and challenges (some of them self-inflicted) and I’ve gone through alongside them. We’ve had some anxiety and depression, dyslexia and some things that have never been diagnosed! Putting myself in their shoes I realized that their brains are unique and beautiful. I wanted to write something about that, to create a character that has to live with a brain that works differently than everyone else. Mostly I wanted to say that his uniqueness can be a gift to the world, depending on whether he chooses to live his life in community with others or to hide selfishly in his forest away from people forever.
So here’s the blurb on the back of my book. Thank you so much, Sue, for being so kind as to read it and review it for me. You, too, are a blessing to the world! 
           15-year-old Joaquin can hear a man’s heart beating a half a mile away. He can see in the dark when others are stumbling. One whiff and he can tell what was served for yesterday’s dinner. But then he needs near-coma sleep to heal his brain from the searing pain. He’s a Phoshat, and his ability comes with a price. 
Rumors spread about the mysterious Phoshat living in the forest around his family’s estate. Then Kallum comes, the tall stranger who leads a mission team for the king. He’s determined to add a Phoshat to the list of talents that his team boasts. He takes on the responsibility of a teenaged, untested Phoshat, and they set out, but soon it’s evident that Joaquin’s gift is so powerful that it almost swings out of control. As their journey goes on and unconsciousness overwhelms Joaquin over and again, Kallum begins to question whether Joaquin is ready for the dangerous mission that’s growing more intense every day.
Joaquin wonders too. Why was he born different than everyone else?
Roots Entwine is a young adult fantasy adventure. A tree standing alone shades no one, but entwining his life with his team moves Joaquin towards the inevitable choice he must make for them. It’s up to him to decide what the sum of his life will be, and if his inborn ability will be a curse to him or the gift that saves his friends.
Here too, is my book trailer that I made. These are photos that I’ve taken from my home, in the rich Pacific Northwest. But mainly listen to the very talented young man who sings the song. That’s my son-in-law Ryan!

God bless you guys, and thanks for reading!