Monday, August 25, 2014

Bait Shop Blues by Nancy Schumacher aka Nancy Pirri

Rated 4 STARS

Two people have an immediate attraction but they don’t want the same things in life.  This is the problem for Cassandra Thompson and Lief  Eagle.  He thinks she is a Marilyn Monroe look alike and falls for her hard but he only wants her physically.  She thinks he is a gorgeous hunk of man but having taken a vow of celibacy, she is interested in a romance that leads to marriage.
They butt heads not over their relationship but over the ownership of Gateway to Paradise, the bait shop that Cassie’s grandpa and Lief’s foster father left to both of them.  Cassie wants to make improvements. Lief wants things to stay the way they are.
Will these two people ever be on the same page?

I love a good romance and Bait Shop Blues didn’t let me down.  Cassie was a fish out of water who learned to adapt quickly and embrace Gateway as her home.  She was brave yet vulnerable at the same time. Personally, I had to get rid of the notion that because she was a MM look alike that she would be a little dumb and overtly sexy.  That turned out to be the exact opposite of Cassie and I loved that.
Lief however did not share my joy.  He wanted MM since he was a young boy.  His fascination with her was complete and even his mother wondered where that came from.
Lief was a complete outdoorsman.  He loved where he lived and didn’t want anyone encroaching on his pristine territory, especially Cassie.  He also had an abiding love for Cassie’s grandfather and was trying to keep Gateway as he thought old Tom would want.
After a disastrous trip the couple takes, you’ll wonder if these two are really meant to be.

If you need a good summer read or a book to take on vacation, I would recommend Bait Shop Blues.
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