Thursday, November 20, 2014

Throwback Thursday II

I was a teacher for many years.  I loved my students with my whole heart and I loved sharing books with them.  I read to my kindergarteners of course and I read to my third graders with just as much enthusiasm.  Hopefully some of them remember those stories.
I polled a few of them and they sent me their favorites.

Sheri was one of my kindergarten students.  She was the youngest of a family whose kids were all in my class at one time or another.  She had the cutest smile in the world and she has grown into a lovely young woman and mother.  She told me her favorite book was The Giving Tree.  Here she is:

Her sister, Stacey was in my third grade class.  She was an incredible little girl.  I just loved her so much.   Little did I know she was just the first treasure her family gave me!  Her favorite was The Tale of Peter Rabbit.  She is all grown up now with kids of her own but here she is as a little one.
And yes, it's Stacey not Sheri!!

Rhonda was always one of my favorites.  She was in my first grade class and my third grade class.  She was smart and intensely sincere.  I can still see her at the front of the class seriously belting out a song to her classmates.  She was indeed a cutie.  She told me her favorite was Are You There God?  It's Me, Margaret. Here she is with a bunch of our old friends  First row, third from the right. See, I told you she was a cutie!

Jenny was another student who I will always remember and love.  She was just a darling girl and recently told me they thought I was cool back in the day!  I guess I just had them fooled that well!  Jennifer raises goats now and must have been inspired by her favorite, Little House on the Prairie.. Here she is:

Books have influenced by students as you can see.  I hope I had a small part in teaching them the joy of reading.  Until next week, keep on reading!