Thursday, November 6, 2014

Out of the Mouths of Babes II

I loved the kids’ recommendations last week so much I decided to do another one and possibly even more.  This week I’ve been talking to some little girls and here’s what they said.

Marissa is my daughter’s good friend’s little girl.  Her mom was the first of the group of highschool friend’s to have a daughter.  She is funny and cute and has a lot of favorites. She is a Magic Treehouse fan and just finished How to Train Your Dragon.  She is really into series like Judy Moody and Amber Brown.  This kid is a born reader and also cute as a button as you can see here.

Olivia is my future daughter in law’s niece.  She is a little sweetheart and is in kindergarten.  She is also going to be one of the flower girls in my son’s wedding next year.  She loves Fancy Nancy but her absolute favorite is Fancy Nancy and the Mermaid Ballet.  She would be the cutest ballerina ever as you can see here:

Addie is Olivia’s sister and also a future flower girl.  Her favorite is Baby’s Birthday Cake.  No wonder I love this kid, I love birthday cake too!  You can see she is quite a cutie right here:
These little beauties know what they like and I'm happy to know so many children love books and love reading!  Until next week, keep on reading!

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