Monday, October 13, 2014

The Haunting of Secrets by Shelley R. Pickens



Aimee is a solitary girl.  She wants it that way.  She avoids contact of any kind with the kids at her school.  Amy is not antisocial or a threat.  It’s just that if she touches someone all their memories flood into her head and she is living with the bad memories of too many people.
When there is a bomb explosion in the cafeteria of her school, Aimee narrowly escapes. In the mad scramble to get out of there, a boy accidentally touches her and his memories flow into her.  Now Aimee knows there is a killer at her school.
Enlisting her one and only friend, Dejana, she sets her mind to finding and revealing the killer,whose face she never saw.
Adding to her confusion are her feelings for Logan, the boy who seems to understand and respect her but who doesn’t know her secret.  Her attraction to him seems to be futile because she thinks she can never have any kind of relationship with him.
How Aimee deals with all these things are the crux of this chilling story.

This was the most chilling and frightening thing I’ve read in a really long time and I loved it.  The author had me captivated from the beginning by Aimee’s gift and the horror that was the killer’s memories.  How Aimee dealt with this creepy affliction was understandable.  To watch her grow through the story,  made me admire her all the more.
She was comfortable with Dejana but she also opened herself up to Leah, a computer whiz they recruit to help find this killer.  She went from enjoying Logan from afar to trying to build a real relationship with him.  Aimee was an amazing young woman.
I didn’t know what to make of Logan.  Was he really in love with Aimee or was he just setting her up for a fall?  I wanted him to want her as she was and I wasn’t sure until the very end if he was true or false.
Dejana was a great friend who knew of Aimee’s affliction but accepted her the way she was.  She was brought into the intrigue and she joined willingly since she trusted her friend.  She had worked hard to earn Aimee’s trust and I found that an admirable quality that made me like her all the more.
Leah got dragged into the whole mess because of her skills but she stayed to the bitter end to help find this monster.
This story is violent and graphic so be warned if you are easily affected by that, this may not be the book for you.
If you can swallow your fears and pick up this book, you won’t be sorry. It is a great read.
You can buy The Haunting of Secrets here:Fire and Ice