Monday, June 9, 2014

Seasons of Love and War by Brenda Barry

Rated 4 STARS

Beth Ann and Kaylob have been together ever since childhood.  They had an instant connection and forged a bond that couldn’t be broken.  They grew to adulthood and became engaged.
We first meet Kaylob in Viet Nam fighting for his life and the lives of his comrades.  He is unable to save his best friend but makes him a solemn promise that he will avenge his death.
Beth Ann is living in their little apartment and going to school, just waiting for the love of her life to return so they can plan the wedding of their dreams.
But Kaylob shocks and disappoints Beth Ann when he reveals he has signed up for another tour of duty.  He goes off and isn’t heard from again.
Enter Blake, another man they knew in school, who has become rich and famous and has always loved Beth Ann from a distance, knowing he never had a chance with her because of Kaylob. 
He wines and dines Beth Ann and they become a couple.  Beth Ann is still grieving for Kaylob and Blake is an understanding and thoughtful and sexy lover. Even though they share a bed, he accepts that Beth Ann will always have a place in her heart for her first love.
Meanwhile, poor Kaylob is suffering near death in a Vietnamese prison.  He is deep in the jungle and is tortured beyond belief.  He only holds on so he can return to the love of his life, Beth Ann.

Beth Ann is the luckiest woman in the world.  She meets two wonderful men who adore her beyond belief, she falls into a part in a review that makes her and instant star, and she is totally beautiful.  Also, feisty and irresistible.  Every man loves her and the women in her life are her good friends.
Kaylob is a long suffering hero.  His time in the prison camp sounds like hell on Earth.  He holds on for dear life as long as he can.
Blake is a little cocky, but fun and willing to do anything to win Beth Ann’s heart.  He is under the assumption that Kaylob is dead and Beth Ann will grow to love him as much as she loved Kaylob.  Poor guy is a little delusional too.  He has great looks, a winning personality and tons of money so he is confident in reaching his goal.
I was really looking forward to reading this book and I was a little disappointed in it.  The story was pretty interesting but the characters were just too good to be true for me.  Some of the dialogue seemed a little repetitious.  This is the first book in a series which I hope will keep improving and sketch the characters out a little more so we can see some of their imperfect parts.

This book has some adult language and adult situations so I wouldn’t give it to my twelve year old.  If you like modern historical romance, I think you would enjoy this book.
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