Monday, January 6, 2014

Why I Love YA Books


Everyone should read.  Especially teens.  It gives them a chance to escape from their real world into a world where kids like them have power and solve problems and rise above their shortcomings.
A good novel can make them laugh or cry and it’s always good to get those emotions out in an acceptable manner.  A book lets one do that.

I have been reading some independent and boutique publishers’ authors and there is some really good stuff out there.   Some of it is even free.
I really suggest you spend the money though.  You know the old saying “you get what you pay for”?  Well, usually that holds true.

I was a teen once (believe it or not) and I remember how it felt.  How mixed up I was and confused about my own identity.  How great it would have been to get lost in a book where the heroine is brave and strong.

Teens have to read a lot of books for school that turn out to be boring or hard to read.  Ever try A Tale of Two Cities?  That was my nemesis.  Anyway, they should have the option to read something for fun whether it is about vampires, dystopia or romance.

Teens can read about a romance that is based on friendship and mutual attraction and not just sex.  I really like that because they get inundated with enough superficial sex on television or whatever device they watch shows on.

When my kids were teens it was really hard to get one of them to read and one of them to stop reading. Wish we had some young adult books then. Whichever kid you have, buy them books.  You won’t regret it.

 Here are some books I would suggest:

 The Hunger Games series by Suzanne Collins

 Divergent series by Veronica Roth

 Waiting for Dusk series by Nancy Pennick

 Percy Jackson series by Rick Riordan

 Shamrock Stables series by Shannon Kennedy

 The Giver trilogy by Lois Lowry


  1. Thanks for including my series in your list!

  2. All great books on that list!
    I remember devouring any Sweet Valley Kids book as a child, and then moving onto Sweet Valley Twins. When I hit high school I became addicted to the LJ Smith Nightworld series. (It's been 14 years since the last book was supposed to be released, I'm still anxiously awaiting the finale to the story!!!)