Thursday, January 9, 2014

New Year, New Books

I know I told you I’d never recommend a book I hadn’t read but since it is so freezing and snowy I didn’t go and do research as I intended so I went and did some on line searching.  I found some books that piqued my interest so I thought I’d share them with you for the next two weeks.

 Pete the Cat series by Eric Litwin

 Ok, these look like so much fun.  Pete the Cat is just singing his way through life, going with the flow.  If his new white shoes turn red from stepping in strawberries he just sings about his new red shoes.  I love his carefree attitude and who wouldn’t love a singing cat?  Try it out with your youngsters.

 What Does the Fox Say? By Ylvis

 Oh, yes they did.  This book is based on the popular song that you have probably heard and if you haven’t you can find it on YouTube.  Dogs woof.  Cats meow.  But what does the fox say?  I know, do you?  Looks like it would be fun for kids.

 Snowflakes Fall by Patricia Maclachlan

 Illustrated by Steven Kellog, this book is dedicated to the children of Sandy Hook, Connecticut.  The book embraces the uniqueness of all of us.  It is beautiful and inspiring.  Kellog’s usual great illustrations only enhance the story.

 Twas the Night Before Christmas by Clement Moore

Nobody draws cozier, warmer or homier pictures than Holly Hobby and she has illustrated the familiar poem.  Enjoy the story but pay special attention to the pictures.

I hope this gives you some new ideas to share with the kids.  Don’t forget to make snowflakes out of white paper.  Just have a wastebasket near by for all the scraps!

Keep on keeping warm and until next week, keep on reading.

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