Monday, January 27, 2014

Allegiant by Veronica Roth

 Rated 4.5 STARS


Well, Tris and Tobias (Four) are once again in a horrible, mixed up power struggle where they don’t know who is the enemy or who is trustworthy.  They join the group called the Allegiant who are convinced a team should leave the city and travel into the unknown outside the fence. Of course our two heroes are part of that team.

They are taken to a facility that is clean and has plenty of food and clothing and also watches the goings on in their home city.  Are these people friend or foe?  The teens find out that their town was part of a great experiment to improve mankind. The facility’s leaders say their intentions are honorable, that they are trying to clean out the bad DNA that makes people do horrendous things so the world can be a peaceful, better place.

All is not quite as it seems and Tris and Tobias end up having different ideas of how the situation should be handled so they go their separate ways.  Painful as it is for both of them, they seem to have problems that can’t be overcome.

When Tobias’ actions cause the death of many including a close friend, he has to come to terms with what he has done.
Tris is convinced that the problem doesn’t lie in their old city but in the new facility.
How all these problems come to their conclusion is the crux of the story.

I thought the story started out a little slowly and my interest began to wane but sure enough Roth pulled me back in and I read to the end.  I can’t say I enjoyed this book because that doesn’t seem to be the right word and doesn’t do justice to the story.  Just trust me that is a great conclusion to the trilogy and it is worth finishing.

Tris is back to her brave and strong self and Tobias is as desirable as ever.  Their core group of friends is back as well as Tobias’ evil parents.

This was a trilogy I was really glad I read.  It had a little something for everyone.

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