Monday, November 18, 2013

Happy Birthday by Danielle Steel

Rated 4 STARS

In this beguiling novel, Danielle Steel tells the story of three very different people, each of whom reaches a crucial turning point on the same day—a time to blow out the candles, say goodbye to the past, and make a wish for the future. 


Well, some birthdays you just don’t want to face.  Just ask Valerie Wyatt, successful style diva, who is turning 60 and just heard it announced on the radio!  She is fit, lovely and runs a gigantic business but she has no love life and no hopes of one on the horizon in spite of what her psychic says.

Her daughter, April Wyatt is turning thirty on the same day.  She isn’t too thrilled about that number either.  She has a successful restaurant and has travelled the world but she wonders if she should be married and having children by this time like she always thought she would

Jack Adams hates this birthday.  Not only is he turning 50 but he has completely thrown out his back the night before doing sexual gymnastics with some young, hot model.  He can barely crawl to the doctor and will have to spend the whole day in bed recuperating.

How these three birthdays turn out and the aftermath is the subject of this book.  I thought it had its ups and downs but the characters were interesting and likable if you could get over that they were beautiful, rich and successful.

Valerie and Jack bond over a terrible experience and become friends that may or may not turn into a romance.  Both are hesitant but interested.

April gets the surprise of her life and is pregnant from a one night stand with a food critic who dissed her restaurant.  She tried to ply him with liquour and it backfired.  She does think he has a right to know about the baby so she contacts him and gets a reaction she never expected.

I liked April.  She was a practical and smart girl who made a terrible mistake but was willing to face it like an adult.

I thought that Valerie was a little too worried about her looks but at the core of things she was a caring and thoughtful woman.

Jack was a pretty good guy if you could ignore his past and concentrate on the man he had become.  He shows himself to be a modest man who was proud of his accomplishments but not braggy about it.

If you like Danielle Steel, you’ll love this.  I’m not a giant fan of hers but I found this book to be entertaining just the same.  I just wish I had read it on my birthday!
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