Thursday, November 14, 2013

An Interview with Anna

Today I am delighted to interview, Anna, that feisty centenarian, and friend of Kate and Drew.

Anna, it is wonderful to have you here today.

Anna, you must have been shocked to see Katie after all those years and still so young. How were you feeling?

Like a miracle happened. Kathryn was my best friend at the boardinghouse and although I knew her for just a short time, we bonded. When I saw her standing in my doorway I thought I was dreaming but I don’t question this great universe anymore at my age, I just accept.

Tell us some of the differences in your life in 1927 and in the 21st century.

 Well, first off, there’s lots more indoor plumbing! I left Chicago as a young girl and lived out west for most of my life. Ranch life became my life. I didn’t miss the big city in the least. When I was young, life was much more simple. Today’s youth have so much more to contend with. I can’t wrap my brain around all those new ways of talking to each other and getting the news. I just learned how to text. Pretty good for an old gal my age.

Everyone who reads the books finds Anna so wise. Is it just your long life experience or something more?

A long life definitely helps. I was on my own since age eighteen and was far from home. I had only myself to rely on at times. I had to make my own decisions. You grow up fast that way.

Tell us something about your life with Daniel that we don’t know.

I wore cowboy boots under my wedding dress! Daniel and I decided to have a huge western wedding with barbecue and country music. Lucinda’s wedding was so formal; I guess we wanted the opposite.

 Were you surprised that your son and grandchildren all stayed at the ranch and made it their home, too?

Well, all of them except that stubborn Beth! Seriously, I’m thrilled they’re all here. My son, Dan, did move the family away for quite awhile. It was tough on us, especially Daniel, but we understood why. They all came back when Daniel was ill and stayed ever since. Having family close by is a special gift.

Any advice for our readers, Anna?

Follow your dreams. I wanted to be a Harvey girl and because of that opportunity I’ve lived a life I never could’ve dreamt. I met good people and have a wonderful family because of that experience. I never would have met Kathryn and Andrew and been able to share in their unbelievable love story.

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