Monday, November 11, 2013

Call of the Canyon by Nancy Pennick

Two Lives... Two Worlds... Heartbreak awaits.
Call of the Canyon, second of the Waiting for Dusk series, continues the dramatic story of Kate Roberts and Drew Kelly. New challenges face the couple when Drew joins Kate in the present. Nothing is easy. Tyson's still their nemesis, causing trouble whenever he can. Carl, Kate's friend and neighbor, moves back home to Ohio and creates unexpected problems at the canyon. A wedding, a tragic accident, and a family broken by scandal affect both the past and present. And in the end, Kate may pay the ultimate price.
What do two lovers do when one lives in the past and one lives in the here and now?  That is the problem facing Drew and Kate in the second book of the Waiting for Dusk trilogy.  Drew and Kate want to have a future together but can Drew live in the 21st century and ignore the draw of the Canyon?  Will someone be stuck in the wrong time frame or will someone fade away if history is changed?

This book is even better than Waiting for Dusk. It explores in more depth the effects of time travel on people's lives. It is exciting and has many plot twists. Kate and Drew are still very much in love.

Drew is torn by his decision to live in the 21st century and the author does a good job of explaining his dilemma.  His story picks up just where we left him at the bottom of the canyon by the Colorado river.

Kate is still trying to ignore Ty’s advances while making a future with Drew.  When history looks like it is about to change, Kate’s devastation is understandable and you really worry for her.

 Ty is still up to his old tricks. He becomes even more of a villain than in the first book. Carl Jr. travels back to the Canyon and stirs up some trouble without thinking. Spunky 100 year old Anna is still the best confidant and advisor. Lindsey is ever the loyal best friend.
The Grand Canyon continues to be the backdrop of the story and is an intriguing aspect of the story.  The call of the Canyon to return is something I understand having been there.  It is a place that holds many mysteries.
Even if you didn't read Waiting for Dusk, you can enjoy this book although I highly recommend that you read both!!
Can't wait for the third and final book!!
Nancy Pennick has generously offered a free copy of her new book, Call of the Canyon to one of my readers.  All you need to do is make a comment in the next two weeks here at Read Around Sue and you will be eligible.
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