Thursday, October 17, 2013

Trick or Treat

Kidz Korner
 Trick or Treat
As a kid, I hated Halloween.  I was the kid whose bag broke.  We had a lady on our street that scooped out a ton of candy corn and then shook the scoop until you ended up with two or three. Most years I hated my costume. 

However, I love Halloween books so the next two weeks are dedicated to them.



The Little Old Lady Who Was Not Afraid of Anything by Megan Lloyd

A little old lady is out in the woods collecting herbs when she begins to hear strange noises behind her like clomp, clomp and shake, shake.  She continues on her way to her little house just a little faster as each noise gets a little scarier until she is home safe and sound.  Or is she?  The knock on the door reveals a sad bunch of parts but the little old lady has a solution. I would read this book to kids 4-8.


Room on the Broom  by Julia Donaldson

A witch’s flight is interrupted as she keeps losing things and picking up extra passengers.  They all squeeze onto the broom until there is no room left. When the witch gets into big trouble all her passengers help her out.  This is a not to be missed book that is cute and funny in a non spooky way. I would read this book to kids 3-6.


Space Case by Edward and James Marshall

What do you do when you meet a real alien space ship?  You take it trick or treating.  I mean, what else would you do?  Everyone thinks it is a great costume. The alien has to leave at the end of the book until he finds out about…….Christmas. .  Don’t forget to use your best robot voice when you read this book!  I would read this book to kids 4-8.


Rotten Ralph’s Trick or Treat by Jack Gantos

Ralph the cat just can’t help himself.  He is just rotten. His owner Sarah loves him so much she puts up with his crazy antics.  In this story, Sarah wants them to dress as each other for the Halloween party but Ralph wants nothing to do with that idea. This is one of a great series of books about Ralph. I never get tired of his “evil” ways.  I would read this book to kids 4-8.

So pull up the bowl of candy corn and until next week, keep on reading!