Thursday, October 24, 2013

More Spooky Books



Wouldn’t you like to be a spooky Jack O’ Lantern?  The spookiest Jack O’ Lantern in the town?  Sometimes you’ll see me wear a spooky smile and sometimes you’ll see me wear a spooky frown.  On Halloween, on a dark, dark, night  I scare away the goblins with my light.  I’m the spookiest Jack O’ Lantern in the town!!  Just a fun little ditty to share with your child! Happy Halloween.  I’ll be off next week due to the holiday.  See you in November.


Skeleton Hiccups by Margery Cuyler

Poor Skeleton can’t stop sneezing.  His pal, Ghost, tries and tries to help him using every remedy you ever heard of but to no avail.  He hics out his teeth and just can’t stop until he sees himself in the mirror!  This is a cute book with great pictures that even the youngest kids will enjoy.  I would read this book to kids 2-6.


The Halloween Kid by

When I saw the cover of the book I thought I wasn’t going to like it.  But I fell in love with the rootin’, tootin’ Halloween Kid who protects the town from all the Halloween bad guys.  Until some varmints show up and get the best of him.  How will the town’s kids help out the Halloween Kid?  They sure want to but can they?  Find out in this fun tale of the good guy of Trick or Treat.  I would read this book to kids 4-8.


The Ghost’s Dinner by Jaques Duquennoy

The ghosts are heading to a feast and as they enjoy their food they start to turn different colors depending on what they ate!  What a dilemma with Halloween right around the corner when ghosts have to be their scariest white selves.  Find out what happens in this fun story.  I would read this book to kids 3-6.
Have a wonderful Halloween!!  Don't eat too much candy and keep on reading until next week.