Monday, October 21, 2013

All In the Mind by Jenny Twist

Rated 5 STARS


Tilly is part of an experiment working on a cure for Alzheimer's disease. She and most of the other patients taking part in the experiment seem to make a full recovery, but there is a strange side effect. Tilly and her fellow experimental subjects appear to be getting younger. Can the same experiment be repeated for Tilly's beloved husband so that he can recover from a stroke? Tilly thinks it can ...




Jenny Twist has created a cast of unforgettable and enjoyable characters in her book, All in the Mind. Tillie, a World War II nurse, awakes to find herself in a strange place with no knowledge of how she came to be there. The explanation and her path with her dear husband, Johnny  is the backbone of the story.

They become part of an extraordinary experiment that helps them recover from two afflictions that every elderly person wants to avoid-Alzheimer’s and stroke.

When Tilly wakes up and finds out Johnny has had a stroke she does everything in her power to help him recover and her ideas along with the doctors from the original experiment put things into motion.

I loved learning about Tillie and Johnny’s early married life and the setting of World War II in England was fascinating.  I really got a feel for the couple and loved them.

One of their doctors, and Indian man named Kim was the subject for one of the other stories in this book.  He returns to India to see his dying father and suddenly is trapped in old expectations and traditions.

His friend, Steve, helps with the experiment and is instrumental in getting Kim back on track.  In a fair payback, Kim helps Steve work out a problem he is facing.
You want everything to turn out wonderfully for all the people you meet in this book. They are an engaging bunch who is involved in a unique and exciting experiment.
If you know anyone who has suffered from dementia, this book will be especially dear to you.