Monday, September 16, 2013

The Secret Prophecy by Herbie Brennan

 Rated 4 ½ STARS
This book is intended for young adults.
When Edward Michael “Em” Goverton uncovers the key to a five-hundred-year-old deadly prediction by the prophet Nostradamus, personal tragedy morphs into international crisis. Soon Em finds himself enmeshed in a sinister web of shocking events where nothing is quite as it seems. But the ominous forces behind the plot are not about to sit back and let their plans be ruined, and soon their net begins to close in on Em.


Things start to go out of control for Edward Michael Goverton when there is a break- in at his home after his father’s funeral.  His mom sends him on a surprise vacation with old family friends and while he is there, he and his friend, Charlotte, are followed! 

Things get even worse when Em (as he is known) comes home and finds his mother has been confined to a mental hospital and that Children’s Services is coming for him.

On the run from them, he meets an old man, Victor, who turns out to be not only not old but is also a secret agent.

With the help of Victor, Charlotte, a cipher, Nostradamus and a message from his dad on an iPod Em enters a world of intrigue and unravels some terrible secrets.

Em is a great character.  He is smart and resourceful.  He had real concern for his mom.  I liked his relationship with Victor and I loved his interactions with Charlotte.  He was also able to think clearly when he was on the run.

Charlotte is a crackerjack of a friend.  She is supportive, smart and funny.  She is clever and wily.  If not for her, Em and Victor would have had more trouble figuring

out some of the problems they faced.

Victor was an enigma.  He kept changing and growing more mysterious before our eyes.  Was he a friend or foe?  That question will be answered when you pick up this book.

One thing I didn’t care for was some of the parts about the shortcomings of society.  I thought it got a little preachy.

The Secret Prophecy was a great little mystery and great big entertainment.

Boys and girls will enjoy this book equally.