Thursday, September 5, 2013

Eight Days a Week


I know there are only seven, just couldn’t resist the title.  Days of the week are important for kids to know.  They need to know what day it is so they bring their library books back to school or have ballet lessons or whatever. 

Help your little one remember them with these books by only two authors.


The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle


You never saw anything so small eat so much and he does it every day of the week until the wonderful surprise at the end.  The pictures are great and it’s easy to make a hungry caterpillar puppet from an old sock and a couple of  buttons.  Just get your munching voice ready and read.  I would read this book to kids from 3-6.


Today is Monday by Eric Carle


Oh, that Eric Carle is at it again with a wonderful book about the days of the week.  In it he shows what animals eat every day.  I'll have Tuesday with a side of Saturday.  Read the story and find out what I like to eat. I would read this book to kids from 2-5.


We all know some days are just plain special so enjoy these next two books.
Pajama Day by Lynn Plourde

It’s pajama day at school and Drew A. Blank forgot all about it.  Watch how  his creativity and imagination help him to participate in the day anyway. I loved the classroom atmosphere presented in this book and I loved Mrs. Shepherd and how she helped Drew solve his problem.
I would read this book to kids from 5-8.
Book Fair Day by Lynn Plourde

Dewey Booker is so excited for Book Fair day that he is totally prepared and can’t wait to get there.  He is completely deflated when his teacher says they are the last class to go because he thinks all the books will be gone.  He tries to sneak in early and always gets caught and when he finally gets there he helps his classmates choose until there are no books left for him.  Or are there?
Find out in this fun story.  I would read this book to kids from 5-8.
Enjoy your week and until next time, keep on reading!