Monday, January 26, 2015

The Horse Rescuers by Patricia Gilkerson

Rated 4 STARS

These short stories were presented to me at one time and I really enjoyed them.  Piper Jones is the heroine of the stories and she and her friend Addie keep coming upon horses that need their help.  They live in a small rural town which may seem an unlikely place but the author made the circumstances believable.
I liked the relationship between Piper and Addie.  It wasn’t perfect and they had to learn to accept each other as they were.  Piper and her parents, who were divorced, have pretty normal teen/ parent relationships.
Piper’s dad showed up more often to help since he was a veterinarian but her mom was there for her too even when she embarked on a new relationship with a man Piper liked.
Sometimes, I thought that Piper was a little immature but by the third story I could see her growth and appreciated that the author took her time to bring in romantic relationships as these stories were really about the horses.
Gilkerson has a nice way of writing and the characters in her stories are easy to like.  She shows an understanding of horses and the meaning of owning one of these beautiful animals.

If you have a horse loving preteen or teen, these stories should be of great interest to them.