Monday, January 19, 2015

Her Secret by Tara Fox Hall

  Rated 4.5 STARS


Wow, Sarelle is back in a steamy continuation of her story.  She is still married to Theo but she misses Danial like crazy and finds herself totally attracted to Danial’s brother, Devlin in spite of the evil things he has done to her.
I don’t want to go into detail but let it be said that Sarelle has a difficult time making up her mind between these three.  She makes a lot of rash decisions and seems to be easily seduced by either of the brothers.
I’m keeping this review short because it is definitely not a book for anyone under eighteen and as you know, I usually review young adult books.
Just because it’s short on words, doesn’t mean I didn’t like it.  I did, indeed.  I am such a Devlin fan.  He is what he is.  He never makes excuses or pretends to be something he isn’t.  That’s my biggest concern about Danial.  He seems like a perfect lover but he has forced Sarelle into some choices that she might not have made without his influence.
Theo is turning into a not so good husband and it breaks Sarelle’s heart.  They even try a marriage counselor which amused me to no end.  I guess even paranormal couples have their challenges.

If you like to read romantic and erotic encounters, believe me, this is the book for you.

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