Monday, July 21, 2014

The Hell of It All by D. B. Crawford


Billy “Ham” Hamilton has put a life time of work into his company, NOCA.  What started as an oil well on his father’s farm property turned into a multimillion dollar corporation which Billy controls completely.
Peter Grayson is a brilliant inventor who has sacrificed his family life in order to invent the world’s first motor to run on water.  No gasoline needed.  He is elated that he can help to solve the problems our Earth is facing.  He imagines solving global warming and pollution.
The two are bound to connect especially since Grayson’s wife, Linda is having an affair with an executive at NOCA, Jim Coleman.  Hamilton wants to save his company at all costs and Grayson wants a fair and just recompense for his work and a say in its development.  Can the two men come to a fair agreement for both of them?
I liked Peter Grayson a lot.  He and his team worked hard and wanted their invention to save the world.  His one friend is an environmental activist who opposes any connection to NOCA.  His lawyer is trustworthy but makes a bad judgment call when looking for a patent lawyer and that starts things in motion.
Linda Grayson was torn.  She loved her husband but her affair with Coleman was exciting and stimulating for a lonely woman.  Inclined to have premonitions that weren’t to be ignored, Linda sets a few things in motion with her choices.
I had a lot of sympathy for Billy Hamilton.  He worked his entire life to build an oil company.  Although over the years they diversified, Billy still held on to the fact that an oil well started it all and he didn’t want the company to fold because of one engine.  He was a stubborn old man but had a love for his family and respect for the inventor.
Billy’s granddaughter, Suzy, was facing the future knowing her grandfather expected her to fulfill his hopes of her leading the company.  Since Billy’s daughter, Perky, passed away he pinned his hopes on Susan.  Her two great uncles were also involved at the company but Billy’s ultimate goal was for his Suzy to run the show.
I felt a little sorry for Suzy as she wasn’t so sure she wanted to be a part of the company to that degree.  But she loved her grandfather and wanted to please him. 
There were a lot of references to the state of the environment and some facts revealed in the story that I was unaware of.

The whole saga took place in a pretty short time span.  There were lots of surprises I didn’t see coming and all in all, I really enjoyed the story.  If you like to read a family drama, I think you would really enjoy this book.
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