Monday, July 14, 2014

Promise Me by Tara Fox Hall


Sarelle is a widow who lives in an isolated farm on her own with her family of pets.  She is independent and strong and relies on  no one but herself.  She spends most of her time at the farm but does have a part time job.
Her life takes an abrupt turn when she finds a wounded man on her property and while she helps him, she discovers he is a vampire.
Danial is devastatingly good looking and at his first opportunity, he drains Sarelle of a frightening amount of blood.  She is pretty sure helping him may not have been the best idea yet she is drawn to him.  She lets him stay and recover in her home.  He is sorry for the original blood drain and promises her he won’t do it again.
Sarelle and Danial quickly become involved and they are sure they are in love.  He shows her an opulent life style she never dreamed of and she gives him her love completely and with no hesitation.
Things are not easy for the couple however.  Someone is tracking Danial with the intent to kill him.  Others seek his death as revenge. When Danial’s brother, Devlin comes into their world, things start to get messy.

Sarelle was a gutsy woman.  She lived on the land and loved it.  She was lonely but she coped the best she could.  She had compassion and a caring heart but she could shoot a rifle and drive a tractor.   She had natural grace and beauty but didn’t fuss with herself.  I was really impressed by her love for her animals.  She treated them as if they were her own children.
I could see why Danial was attracted to her almost immediately.  She was no wilting little flower but a strong and willing companion for him.  Danial was sexy and rich but I had a little trouble understanding Sar’s immediate attraction to him and I thought he sometimes treated her as if she was a convenience.  Of course, the relationship is in early stages and he may become more likeable.
Devlin, who is the Supreme Leader of the Vampires was written as arrogant and dazzlingly handsome but I think I liked him better.  He didn’t try to be something he wasn’t.  He was attracted to Sar and was used to getting his own way.  Her resistance to him only made him want her more.

This is the first of a series so I am really looking forward to finding out more about these characters.  The story was exciting and the ending left me wanting more.
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