Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guest Blog by Ann Harrison

 I'm pleased to have Ann B. Harrison as my guest blogger today.  She is the author of From the Outback.  Enjoy!

What motivated me to create my first book you ask?
Firstly I have to point out that I was never going to be a writer - I was more than happy reading like the book nerd I am without adding to my workload. My plan worked well for many years until that morning when I woke up with a sentence rolling around and around in my head.
Gah! I thought I was losing my mind. It wouldn't go away and it seemed to grow with a life of its own. Soon I was researching and locking myself in the spare room with orders of 'do not interrupt me,' unless the house is burning down.
It was an interesting year when not one, but three books in a series were given life. Sadly I had a lot to learn as a writer and no, the big publishers didn't want to pay me mega bucks for the story. They loved my voice, they loved the plot but, it wasn't for them.
Dejected I decided young adult might not be my thing and gave romance a shot. Yes, that was more in my line. I might have been a little bit slow on the uptake but I found my niche. My first rural romance was contracted within twenty four hours of being submitted to a publisher. Now I have ten books published and there is no stopping the stories rolling around in my brain.
I recall telling a fellow writer, once the first book is underway, it's as though someone turned on a tap. The stories keep coming to me, sometimes faster than I can write them down. I spend my days attached to my laptop trying my best to keep up with the voices in my head.
Oh, and those young adult books, they found a home.

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