Monday, December 23, 2013

Deck the Stalls by Shannon Kennedy



A horse farm is a huge responsibility and  Sierra and her mother know that a lot of work has to be done daily.  Sierra’s teachers are not so understanding though and she gets benched and loses a solo in choir.

So Sierra throws herself into improving the ranch.  She cooks up the idea of “Deck the Stalls” contest and helps her mother form some new programs.   As Christmas approaches, things are looking up for their little family.

 I really liked Sierra.  She was devoted to her horses, her mom and her little sister.  She is part of the group of friends from No Horse Wanted so she has a lot of support from them.  She is frustrated and angry but she accepts anger management classes and tries to fix problems practically.  I loved that she and her little sister were so close and that she was worried and a little disgusted by her single mom’s love life.

I enjoyed reading until the end of the novella and then I was so disappointed.  What happens next?  Happily, there is a sequel to the story and it will be reviewed here in the future and I’ll be able to find out.

This book is wonderful for preteens and teens alike especially if they have an interest in horses. A great little holiday book.

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