Monday, March 9, 2015

Isla and the Happily Ever After by Stephanie Perkins


Isla has had a quiet but mad crush on Josh for three long years so she can’t believe that he might possibly return her affection.  It is only the stuff that dreams are made of.  She runs into him as she is recuperating from wisdom teeth surgery and has a wonderful evening together which, after she wakes up the next morning, is sure was all a dream.  It couldn’t possibly be as wonderful as she remembered.
When they return to school in Paris, Isla begins her school year with her regular routine with her best friend, Kurt.  She is sure she won’t have any more interaction with Josh.
That is not to be though.  Josh finally asks her to join him at a comic book store and she agrees and during that evening, Josh reveals that he thought Kurt was Isla’s boyfriend so he backed off.
Once the couple has cleared up that notion, they have a genuine romance.  Josh is an outstanding artist and has a wild spirit so he skips a lot of classes and travels.  Isla is top of the class and works hard to maintain her good grades.  They are very different but also the same in their passion for one another.
They start a beautiful relationship which gets sabotaged by a mutual mistake and suddenly Josh goes back to the States and Isla is alone and unsure of herself.  When she does go home and they reunite, something happens that changes the course of their relationship.
Their journey back to each other is difficult and I won’t tell you if it is successful or not. You have to read the book to find out.

I loved this book.  I liked Isla and understood her self doubting nature.  She fell for the school’s bad boy and couldn’t figure out if he could care for her too. 
When they finally got together I loved her relationship with Josh.  It was carefree and happy and represented young love to me.  It didn’t hurt that it was set in Paris.
I loved Josh.  He was a brooding artist, just my type!  I think Isla helped him to open up and he did some of his best artwork when he was with her.
Kurt was an interesting best friend and someone Isla had known her whole life.  She was accepting of his shortcomings and finally recognized that he had to grow too.
Her kid sister was a pain in the butt who was really looking for recognition and friendship from her sister. 

This is another book I don’t want to be too specific about so it doesn’t spoil the story.  Just read it.  You’ll be glad you did.