Monday, February 3, 2014

Last Ghost at Gettysburg by Paul Ferrante

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Rated 5 STARS


TJ Jackson, who is getting ready for his first year of highschool, is informed by his dad that he will be spending the summer in Paris, France with his new girlfriend so TJ will have to go to Gettysburg and stay with his Uncle Mike’s family.

TJ is less than thrilled at this prospect as it will mean he can’t train for the cross country team at the highschool, Gettysburg is a small, boring town and his cousin, Louanne is well, a nerd.

He does go to his Uncle’s and WOW, Louanne has transformed into a beauty, she’s into cross country, wants to train together and something frightening is making Gettysburg far from boring.

TJ gets involved with the ghost of Major Crosby Hilliard and it is not an easy relationship.  He involves Louanne and his best friend, Bortnicker from home and the three try to make sense of why the Major is still here on Earth.
Uncle Mike gets in the mix also since a rash of murders seem to point to him and an antique gun he owns.
The story has so much history and the author is so well informed that I couldn’t help but get wrapped up in the story.

TJ was a good kid and his friend, Bortnicker was funny , nerdy and a slightly annoying Civil War enthusiast.
Louanne was pretty, athletic, a historical actress and former nerd.  She and TJ bond over their love of cross country and an attraction might be growing between her and one of the boys.
Uncle Mike was supportive and yet very protective of the three teens.  When they finally involve him, he proves to be an essential part of the team.
The ghostly character of Major Hilliard was a combination of terrifying and pitiful.  His explanation of his part in the Civil War made him surprisingly human.

Even if you aren’t a history buff, I think you will be very intrigued by the story.  Ferrante pulled me in and I couldn’t stop reading until I was done with the book.

This is his first novel and I hope there will be more.
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  1. Great review. Sounds very interesting and also a good book for YA boys, instead of the usual girl stories.

  2. It is really good. I enjoyed reading it and you're right! It is good for boys!

  3. Shared and liked--previously :) --and entered! Thanks!