Monday, January 12, 2015

Roberto's Return by Paul Ferrante


Once again, my three favorite teen ghost chasers are back with a new adventure.  It seems there is a ghost in the Baseball Hall of Fame and the team is called in to find out what is going on and get rid of the ghost before a big event.  T.J., Bortnicker and Louanne travel to Cooperstown to find this ghost and try and help him.  It seems to be the ghost of the baseball great, Roberto Clemente.
I wondered how in the world this ghost was going to behave.  The other encounters have been scary and I couldn’t imagine that the ghost of Clemente could be terrible when he was known for his humanitarian efforts.  Luckily, I need not have worried.  Clemente’s ghost is confused and lost and just wants to go home but he needs a special something to help him on his way as well as the help of the ghost hunters.
Just because this ghost isn’t scary doesn’t mean this isn’t an exciting story.  It is!  I kept wondering how they were going to get Roberto home and what was going to get in the way. 
I also learned a ton about the Baseball Hall of Fame and Clemente.  I taught third grade a long time ago and in the kids’ reader was a short story about Roberto Clemente so I was a little familiar with his story but Ferrante delves deeper and exposes the man behind the legend.
The three kids have continued to grow too.  T.J. is becoming aware of his sensitivity to the paranormal.  Louanne has come with a huge problem that is weighing her down and she is trying to deal with the best she can.  Bortnicker is his usual self and gets himself an admirer in 11 year old Fiona, niece of the President of the Hall of Fame.
All in all, I really liked the story of Roberto’s Return and have already recommended it to several people.  If you are a baseball fan or a ghost busting fan, this is the book for you.  Any aspiring young baseball player would enjoy it too.  Not to mention, it sure got me wanting to go and visit the town of Cooperstown and see the Hall of Fame for myself.

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